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How to use Terraform as a Team – A very good post on going beyond using Terraform as a single engineer and overcoming the challenges that are presented when using TF as a team.

Terraform 0.12 Examples – This quick post was featured in a HashiCorp newsletter. It has some really good examples showcasing the 0.12 update.

Azure DevOps

Building All The Things – The Home Assistant application describes how they use Azure DevOps to build and release their frequent updates to their application.

Reap What You Sow II – Ike first started with showing how to deploy Terraform templates with Azure Pipelines. This second part, he set up the pipeline again. However, this time he did it using a YAML definition. As I am all aboard the IaC train, I need to force myself to use YAML to define my Azure Builds and Pipelines too.

CI/CD for Azure Data Factory – I’ve been researching Azure Data Factory lately. This article describes how to set up a CI/CD process to set up and maintain your ETL/ELT processes.

DevOps in Azure with Databricks and Data Factory – A good post showing background of how Azure DevOps, Data Factory and Databricks can be integrated with each other. All while configuring it with IaC.

Using Parallel Jobs in Azure Pipelines – This is a good walkthrough on how to create parallel jobs in the YAML pipeline format. 

Multiple Jobs in YAML – A good walkthrough on how to use multiple jobs in YAML.

Study Guide for AZ-400 – As I am studying to take the AZ-400 exam, this plethora of documentation is coming in handy. 

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