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Cut 2


Welcome to another release of my cuts. It has been a while since the initial Cut but I finally got this out the door.

Azure DevOps

Predefined Build Variables for Azure DevOps – Official documentation regarding all of the build variables for Azure DevOps Builds.

Azure Pipeline VM Images for Microsoft-Hosted CI/CD – This useful repo contains great information about what is on the hosted VMs that are available for use on Azure Pipelines. It contains all of the installed packages and software available.

Azure Functions

Migrating Azure Functions from v1 to v2 – If you’re still running on v1 of Azure Functions, check this out to migrate to v2.

In Order Event Processing with Azure Functions – This article describes how to process numerous events in order while initiating a function. It waits for the function to complete before the next event is sent and run through the function.

Choosing between Queues and Event Hubs – A good article describing when to use Queues or Event Hubs to process messages in functions.

Making Sense of Azure Durable Functions – Durable Functions is a new take on the traditional stateless functions. Durable Functions opens a new world of processing data with being stateful and much longer time-frames.

Run Azure Functions in a Docker Container – I stumbled on the ability to run an Azure Function from a docker container instead of the normal Azure App Service. This article shed some light on the questions I still had after going through Microsoft’s tutorial in their documentation.

Logic Apps

Custom Connectors in Azure Logic Apps – This post describes how you can create a custom connector in Logic Apps. The example is showing how to pull data from a fantasy sports site. I was surprised how easy this is.

Data Science

Python Data Visualization Libraries – Seven tools to create data visualizations with Python. I’ve worked with Python and some college football data in the past so this hits home. It is amazing how easy it is to take raw data and let Python do its visualization magic.


HashiTimes – A couple co-workers of mine set up a new HashiCorp newsletter. I highly recommend checking this out if you are interested in any of the HashiCorp products.

Terraform on Azure Documentation – Within Azure’s own documentation, they have multiple examples of how Terraform can be used to deploy Azure resources.

Terraform Layout – This post goes through the life of a terraform project. It all starts off small and to the point but can get out of control, like a teenager, after some time. It provides a recommendation of how a terraform layout of modules can be created to support multiple environments without getting too large to handle.

A Guide to Automating HashiCorp Vault – A series of blog posts describing how to auto-unseal and authentication methods within AWS/GCP.

Terraform: The definitive guide for Azure Enthusiasts – I have been studying a lot of Terraform and Azure recently. This reference guide is a great resource to have for beginners using Terraform to automate and manage their Azure environment.


Regex Cheat Sheet – Regex is like black magic. Occasionally, I need to tap into that black magic for some validation testing. I came across this page of easy to understand Regex snippets.

GitHub Package Repository – A new service that is currently under preview. I’m excited to receive the invite to check it out. This may be a big service for companies that need to share packages within their org securely.

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