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The scripts on this page are some of the scripts used in the environment I work in. Most of our scripts are specific to our environment so I have chosen those that are more general and could be used in most environments. These scripts have been successfully used in our environment but I can’t guarantee they will work in your environment. I am not responsible if they don’t work as advertised in your environment.

 Disable SSH Alert It suppresses alerts when SSH is enabled on all hosts connected to vCenter. Download
Enable SSH Autostart Enabled the SSH service to autostart with each host in a cluster. Download
Change Root Password When someone in your organization leaves and your root password needs to be changed, this will change it on all hosts in cluster.Download
Add VLAN to vSwitch We don’t have Enterprise Plus but we have numerous hosts and numerous VLANs. Easily add a VLAN to a cluster of hosts with this script.Download
Remove VLAN from vSwitch Sometimes a VLAN was created temporarily for a POC, it can easily be removed with this script.Download
Memory Limit to Unlimited A prior upgrade caused memory limits to be applied to many of our VMs in error. This script cleared those limits.Download
Update VMTools on Reboot This will check the “Check and upgrade Tools during power cycling” option within VM.Download

As more scripts are written and can be distributed in this manner, I will add them to this list.

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