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Busy, but definitely not forgotten


It may seem I forgot this blog was here, but it is always in the back of my mind. Along with non-stop day-to-day requirements and projects at work, the last year of life outside of work has also been busy. Last summer, my wife and I went to Europe for just over two weeks. We did “the beer tour”, Belgium-Germany-Ireland. Definitely a trip of a lifetime and would go back in a heartbeat. However, my wife and I’s master plan has went perfectly as she is due with our first baby in mid-September. With that, house projects on our 100 year old house have been accelerated. The critical things are mostly done. Year after year, new experiences. None bigger than 2016!

Busy with…. Analytics?

Also last fall, I was fortunate to begin working with Dave Bartoo over at to provide statistical analysis for upcoming college football games. I have mentioned this is “my profession meets my obsession.” Throughout the season, it was on and off but then was provided a truckload of data for the entire year for Clemson and Alabama for the National Championship. With the help oAlways busy with new experiencesf Python and Splunk, I was able to come up with some telling deficiencies/strengths on both sides of the ball. Dave attempted to provide the stats to his contacts on both sides two days before the big game. Both sides denied that stats unfortunately. All was not lost though. Our stats were gladly accepted by the TV commentators on the national broadcast. Four of my stats were mentioned on air. Another one of my stats that was not used but the opposite was said by Kirk Herbstreit on-air, proved to be true in favor of Alabama. Normally, my wife and I would have watched the game as we are huge football fans in general but really could have cared less considering the two teams. But since we knew there was a possibility that the stats could be used on-air it was one of the most interesting games to watch considering the statistical analysis that I had performed for the game. Who knows how the upcoming 2016 season will turn out and what stats I can come up with.

I know 2016 will be full of new experiences in and out of work which will no doubt keep me busy. Now to document some of those experiences on here so it is not forgotten.




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