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Commitmas is Almost Here


Last year Matt Brender (@mjbrender) started a little movement called Commitmas. As we approach the end of the year, Commitmas is almost here! At the heart, it is all about learning and sharing with the community. In the past, GitHub was an application developer’s playground. As infrastructure is becoming more and more managed by code, revision control is a must. GitHub or some other revision control system should be at the top of all IT Pro’s list of skills to

Commitmas was only twelve days last year but this year, a couple of the vBrownBag crew (Jonathan Frappier & Rob Nelson) has expanded it tremendously. This year, it is the entire month of December. Community engagement has expanded with the addition of an entire series of vBrownBags (sign up here), a twitter account (@commitmas), and a new Commitmas repository for 2015.

I didn’t join in on Commitmas last year as I didn’t see it until it was almost over. As I started to learn Python in late 2014 into early 2015, I used GitHub to keep track of my progress as well as learn GitHub at the same time. Unfortunately, I haven’t used GitHub much since then except for sharing a few PowerCLI scripts and vRO workflows. I’m not sure what I will be committing this Commitmas but I plan to make it through the entire 30 days!

Get signed up on GitHub, join the vBrownBag events, and be social while you learn a new skill! I urge you to join the challenge with the community!


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