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VMworld 2012 Images


As I had mentioned that I would be at VMworld as event staff and as an attendee, I planned to take pictures. I didn’t take as many as I thought I would as I was much more busy than I had planned. I did take quite a few pictures of behind the scenes as I thought about it. Sorry for the delay as I’ve had an extremely limited amount of time since VMworld, but here they are!


  1. Accessing the labs from your own equipment, would be great as well. I unrstedand that they want to control the environment it runs in, but I’m sure VMware will introduce BYOPC as an option for the labs at later VMworlds.As for doing the labs online, bring it. I’m pretty confident something will happen in that regard, the right people just need to realize and unrstedand the need.

  2. Good blog post. I also wondered why we had to even go to the the lab to do them. Why culdon’t I do them from my laptop? I am currently doing a Microsoft lab for System Center Operations manager w/out any payment or even needing to book time. Seems like VMware is lagging a bit in this area.

  3. Lab availability at the event I’ve menoitned that I want the labs extended to year round online availability in all it’s cloudiness, but how about giving attendees the possibility to run the labs from their own computers while at VMworld? Thanks for that idea, gcballard!

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