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VMworld 2012


This year will be the third year in a row I have attended VMworld. Every year gets better and better. The last two years I was fortunate enough to get full conference passes through one of the agencies under my company’s holding. That agency has been the primary company that sets up much of VMworld, along with other large conferences, for many years. The last two years, I not only attended VMworld for my company’s benefit but also to provide an unbiased opinion on how VMworld was presented digitally and physically. I asked many other attendees around me for their opinions and passed them on. It was a great gig!

This year, something a bit different happened. Our agency was denied those passes that we received in years past. No problem, as my VP realizes the great benefits of us going to VMworld every year so we were bound to go anyway. A little over a week ago, my contact from our agency called me in a panic needing some IT assistance for VMworld. Our company decided that we would assist in their time of need. Therefore, I will be helping set up a small portion of VMworld! I will begin on Thursday the 23rd and plan to take a few behind the scenes photos if I find something interesting during the build. I also plan to take plenty of photos during the event and share them here. Check out my twitter updates for pictures as I take them. I will post them to the website during the little downtime that I get.

I’m excited for the opportunity to help out where I can. Too bad they won’t need my services in Barcelona!

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