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Initial Cut


This is my first attempt at a new type of blog entry. My “cut” posts will be quick references of items that I have come across that I feel have made my cut recently as being important enough to save for later. You may have seen something like this in on other blogs. I have tried multiple methods or products to store important links and info for later reference without much success. These links made my initial cut.

The cut series will be published as needed. The next cut could be a week after the previous, or even a month later. It depends on how much content I discover in a period of time that would warrant a full cut. Now on to the initial cut!

Azure Cut


DevOps Cut


  • Azure DevOps Demos – There is an Azure DevOps demo generator that will connect to your DevOps organization and create a full example project to show the functionalities of Azure DevOps. There are multiple examples to choose from depending on what you’re looking for. I highly recommend this if you are getting started with Azure DevOps.
  • DTAP is Dead – Traditionally, I have been in operations and infrastructure in general. I am getting more into working with the development side. This article has a lot of great information for me as I am researching development methodologies.

Internet of Things

  • IoT In Action Virtual Bootcamp – Microsoft hosted a free virtual bootcamp to get started with IoT devices and IoT services in Azure. This was a great intro that exposes you to multiple ways to configure and interact with IoT devices.
Terraform Cut


  • Creating a Terraform Provider for Just About Anything – I have come across some missing functionality within Terraform providers. I plan to start by making pull requests to add functionality. There are also a few integrations I have thought about that don’t have providers available. This video is a good intro for that.
  • Microsoft Publishes Video Series on HashiCorp – If you’re interested in using Terraform or Vault with Azure, check out these videos. Microsoft and HashiCorp have a great partnership. The consumers of these technologies benefit from this collaborative effort!
  • Why Should I Consider Terraform Enterprise – This is a great video from Armon Dadgar why and when Terraform Enterprise makes sense over the free open source Terraform.
  • Azure Provider Upgrade Guide – The official upgrade guide to the 2.0 Azure provider release.


  • Developing vRealize Content with Visual Studio Code – I will always enjoy working with vRealize Orchestrator. VS Code is my favorite IDE currently. Merging the two peaked my interest! However, it is not available to the public. That is a SHAME!
  • The Life of a GitHub Action – GitHub Actions are still in beta. I haven’t been contacted to try out the service unfortunately. However, Jessie Frazelle gives the rest of us a sneak peak into the new service.

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