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vRA Could Not Create a SSL/TLS Secure Channel



At the end of Monday, I noticed our vRA implementation was not provisioning new servers. A failure of a new machine request was reported two minutes after the submission/approval. I looked through the logs and found an error stating that the request could not create SSL/TLS secure channel. Therefore, I performed my proper engineer duties and hit the interwebs for a solution.

vRA Couldn't Create SSL/TLS Secure Channel

vRA Couldn’t Create SSL/TLS Secure Channel

Solution? Not So Fast.

Great! I found a VMware KB article (2123455) that describes my error in verbatim. Scrolling down to the resolution, I find it is a communication issue between the DEM-Worker servers and vRO. VMware references a specific Microsoft patch (3061518)that would have been installed on the DEM-W servers that needs to be removed. Therefore, I logged onto our DEM-W servers and found the patch was indeed installed on the servers. Unfortunately, I noticed it had been installed on the servers since August 9, 2015, which happened to be the day the servers were stood up initially. I was then not sold on the idea that they had worked for 11 months and then all of the sudden quit working because of this patch.


I opened a case with VMware to look into it. A vRA support log bundle was generated and sent off for review. The support engineer asked me to remove the patch even though it had been working properly for 11 months.  I found I could not directly remove it as it wasn’t shown in the list of Windows updates that could be uninstalled. So I wait for another solution….

The next day I was provided an update showing there was a roll-up update from Microsoft that may be the culprit. This time it was KB3161606. Sure enough, this patch was installed on both DEM-W servers over the weekend. I uninstalled it and rebooted both servers. Success! IaaS server provisioning is now completing without issues. The patch was pushed out in June by Microsoft. Hopefully, VMware gets around to updating their KB article to include KB3161606 alongside KB3061518.

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