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Howdy all!


Thanks for the intro Zach.  I am both nervous and excited to start blogging.  I feel that it is time for me to make my appearance on the world-wide web in a more productive manner.  I have quite a few lofty goals this year, both personally and professionally, that could provide good writing opportunities as well as some comedic gold I am sure.  I tend to be light-hearted, but also don’t beat around the bush.  I am not afraid to call people, products, or companies out when they do questionable or flat-out dumb things.  So with that all said, let’s do this.  Head to the about page to read about me professionally and I will soon have a new post up that I hope you like.

Author: eric

Blogging noob! VCP, virtualization nerd, ohh, and I golf too.

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