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Long time, no blog post….


It has been over a year since I last posted on here. Quite the break. Not really a break I guess. More like being crazy busy and lazy at the same time. Is that a thing? If so, that’s me. The year of 2013 was the most crazy year of my life. It began with a nice promotion with a new title, Senior Systems Engineer. Nothing really changed except for that and some additional pay. That was April.

May rolled around with plenty of prep for the wedding. Oh yea, did I mentioned I got hitched to the love of my life/best friend? We got married in June, in Kauai. Best two week vacation, ever. July rolled around with the reception back home which was a ton of fun. If you’re looking to get married in the future, I highly recommend a destination wedding. Totally worth it.Back from Hiatus!

Next up, August. My house went up for sale. Sold in 46 hours. Then we found a house we had been searching for in a awesome part of town. LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION! Put a bid in on that house and then quickly put up my wife’s house for sale. Sold her house in 10 days flat. After three weeks of battling for the house we really wanted, we locked it in and never looked back. Moved in during October. August-November included too much real estate talk with a sprinkle of VMworld 2013.

Let’s jump to 2014. I became more open to other companies that I could potentially leave IPG for. A few opportunities came and didn’t feel energized about them. Jelecos on the other hand had me sold from the first interview. So I went for it. I’m about 3 weeks in. I like the direction of the company and where they want to be in the coming years. I feel I can make an impact here which is a great feeling. Jelecos also has a great bunch of people so that makes it even better.

I was also awarded vExpert for a second year in a row. Thanks to Corey from VMware for heading up the program this year. Sad to see Troyer leave but we all leave at some point. The program is definitely in good hands with Corey.

As I will be working more with vCO, vCOPS, vCAC, etc I plan to be posting more on here about my experiences and even throwing up some scripts or workflows for others to check out and use in their environment. Hopefully my post isn’t a year from now. I’ll make sure it isn’t.



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