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2012 – A Busy Year


2012 was definitely a busy year for not only me, but the whole team I belong to. There were many accomplishments and goals met that were planned like further automation within our virtual environment. Many accomplishments were unplanned and achieved. The biggest was the ability of our virtualization team and how they pulled together to design, develop, and implement a VDI environment at VMworld 2012, with a week of notice and no prior knowledge of VMware View.Graduate

Personally, I also completed my classes at a local college to further my degree. This took a lot out of my free time but was beneficial as I did learn a few things, especially in project management, and most importantly, I got that piece of paper.

Now that I have completed my schooling, for the time being, I will have more time to put into this blog. I have definitely neglected it. I plan to add more posts about our adventures with PowerCLI and vCenter Orchestrator. We also plan to implement a Hyper-V 2012 environment in the coming year so I may throw some things in about that. Hey, it is still virtualization! 2013 looks to be packed with projects all across the board so I should have plenty to blog about.

I’m officially on vacation until 2013, so I’ll see you then! Happy Holidays!

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