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Moving My Career AHEAD


As many of you already know, I joined AHEAD a couple months ago. I started as a Senior Technical Architect on February 7th. This is my jump out of the customer space into consulting. Moving My Career AHEADI felt this was the best time in my career and in my personal life to make this move. I had become bored with the day-to-day activities within a customer environment. My last company had plenty of technology to work with but it was just advancements of the same old stuff I had been using for years. Therefore, a change was needed before I was completely burnt out of IT in general.

I had been in contact with AHEAD for some time but the time was not quite right. They reached out to me in January and the ball was in full motion to get me onboard. They wasted zero time getting me engaged with clients as I was on-site with a client in my first two weeks. In the two months that have passed since joining, I have been busy the entire time. Not only learning how the consulting side works, but also learning new methods and new technology has been on my agenda.

I am excited about my future career at AHEAD. Initially when searching for companies I was willing to work for, AHEAD stood out because of the talent on staff. Two months in, the talent at AHEAD has surprised me even more. The best part is everyone is willing to assist me in whatever way. It is definitely a team atmosphere. I’m definitely glad to be here! I’m ready for the challenges ahead!

I will also be paying more attention to this blog. I already have four posts in queue resulting from issues or experiences that I have come across in the past two months.


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